The secret waterfall in Austin

Well, this may not be a secret anymore now that I'm sharing this! 

I've stumbled upon an awesome little spot in Austin with this incredible waterfall in it.  That is, there's a waterfall after some good rain, but I have been here when it's been dry too, obviously in the depths of our summer heat.  But we've had some rain recently, and this little spot is flowing nicely!

This is located at Bull Creek Greenbelt, near the dog park.  If you park there, this is across the road from the parking lot, and downstream across the bridge.  Just walk off into the woods there and you climb around a little and get rewarded with this secluded little oasis - great fun!  Now, don't go tellin' everyone ok? 

I was there for sunrise one morning last week, and as you can see there was some mist and fog coming off the water as the sun warmed it up (it was a bit chilly that morning).  Unfortunately a lot of the visibility of the fog gets lost through HDR processing, and so I added some back in - the beauty of software tools!