The facade of Brussels Cathedral

Do you love church architecture as much as I do? 

There are few things I like more than shooting churches in Europe.  I am not sure why I like them so much, but I really do.  They just possess so much awesomeness.  Obviously I am a fan of architecture, but it runs deeper than that.  I'm a fan of the creation of these things and the skill it took to design them.  Considering that most are hundreds of years old (or more), I find it incredibly impressive they could accomplish such things back then - and that they still stand today.   

Look at the details in the facade.  This wasn't just "stack stones one on top of the other until it is this high" or something that basic.  It's sophisticated.  It's complex.  It's beautiful.  There is so much attention to detail that it baffles me.  This was done without the aid of computers or the machines we use now for design and creation.  This was done by humans.  

I'm constantly amazed at things like this.  I can buy something these days that was designed, engineered and constructed with the finest raw materials, and I bet it doesn't last 5 years.  This thing has been there for hundreds.  Awesomeness. 

And in case you missed it, the interior detail of the ceiling and more can be seen on this post from a little while ago.