Edinburgh Castle

Sitting high on a hill, overlooking Edinburgh... 

With all my recent travels (Glasgow, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Nashville) I had completely forgotten that I took a half-day detour up to Edinburgh, Scotland while I was in Glasgow.  It's a town that I have wanted to see for years, and yep - totally forgot about going there.  Maybe I need to slow down a bit.  ;-)

Well anyways, I did make it up to that most lovely of cities, and...it's lovely!  Ok, that's not much of an endorsement, but it really is lovely.  I found the architecture to be stunning, the Royal Mile to be a strenuous but definitely worthwhile walk, and of course I loved the castle.  But, that sorta goes without saying because I love all castles. 

The truth is though that I ran through Edinburgh Castle faster than an Irishman through a pint of Guinness.  I arrived with about 30 minutes left until they closed (it was a Sunday, and I guess they close early then or something).  So, I dashed around the Castle (which is sort of a collection of a few buildings) and checked it out, and of course took every opportunity to fire some shots. 

I grabbed this one while I was leaving.  It pays to always look behind you when you are out shooting, because you might just find a view you like.  I need to remember that more often, but thankfully did remember it here!