Under the London Bridge

Golden Hour at the Millennium Bridge in London

Ok, ok...I know that the official name of this bridge is NOT the London Bridge.  This is the Millennium Bridge, and it's awesome (and it IS in London, so I'm not totally making this stuff up).   It's just I guess when I was writing the title, I was too lazy to type "millennium" but now that I have already typed it three times I guess I'm not that lazy, after all.  I feel better about myself.

So, back to the photo.  I was in London and out shooting with my friends Mike Murphy and Ollie Smalley and we met up here one evening.   It was one of those golden hours that was just right - great light, great clouds, great location, great company.  We shot here for a bit, and then headed up to St. Paul's Cathedral (that dome you see in the distance), with hopes of returning here for an incredible sunset.

Sadly, the sunset never materialized so we ended up getting a beer and some Chinese food.  Not a bad evening, really.   I mean, I really wanted a great sunset, but you can't always get what you want.  At least it wasn't raining like the previous night.  I didn't even take the camera out then.  But, such is London.  I love the place.