Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow

Wow, here I go again with another pic from Glasgow.  Maybe I will just do Glasgow shots all week.  You cool with that?  Ok, great thanks.  :-)   I do love me some Scotland!

I find myself drawn to this place whenever I go to Glasgow.  This is the Gallery of Modern Art and it sits in Royal Exchange Square, right in the city center.  It is such a beautiful structure to my eyes - I love those classic architectural elements.  Funny that it's a gallery of modern art, yet housed in a classical architecture structure, huh?

Anyways, I had just gotten back into town from a day trip up to Edinburgh (more on that later - lots of shots from there still to process!)  and after leaving the train station, I wandered in this direction.  It was around sunset and although the rain kept any awesome sunset colors in check, I had a feeling blue hour would be nice.  You ever get that feeling?

So I set up and shot until the rain started falling on me.  At that point I packed up and started walking back to my hotel, only to get almost all the way there when the rain stopped again.  I stood on the street for a couple of minutes, and since no more rain was falling, I turned around and went back here to shoot some more.  Worked out pretty good, since that's when I got this shot!