Amsterdam rain

On my visit to Amsterdam last year, I only had a little time to shoot, since I was only there for 2 nights.  So being a bit obsessive about this stuff, I squeezed in as much shooting as I could, despite limited free time, frequent rain, and general exhaustion from travel.  That’s not usually a formula for productivity. 

But despite all that, I actually walked away from that city (ok, technically I hopped on a train to Brussels) with a number of images that I like.  This is one of them, and I am sure there will be more as I get to them in the old Aperture library.  You see, I process my shots in a completely random random in fact that there is not any order at all.  I like it that way.  It allows me to relive each trip a little as I go along.  

I remember this scene and this moment as clear as if it was yesterday.  I had stepped out of the hotel in order to get some cash from a nearby ATM, and of course brought the Nikon along “just in case”.  Honestly, in a town like Amsterdam - with so many distractions - you could take a million shots along each block, but I showed some restraint and actually got the cash, even as I gunned a bunch of handheld brackets on the way.  It's fun, even when you’re getting wet.