Walking Dublin's streets

There’s something to be said for NOT having a plan.  I tend to plan my photo excursions, so as to incorporate all the big sights I want to shoot.  Really, you have to do that, or else you wander somewhat aimlessly and directionless while time slips by.  However, it also helps to build in a little cushion, so that you can wander a bit after shooting the big sights, so as to explore and see what you happen upon.

This is a perfect example of that.  I had just been shooting at Trinity College in Dublin, and having been kicked out for using a tripod (stupid rule!), I ended up with a little more extra time and thus began wandering a bit.  I was somewhat aiming myself toward St. Stephen’s Green, and en route came to this bank building.  I just loved the light and the architecture, and the gentle curve of the road.