Thankful for sunsets

On Thanksgiving Eve (can you really call it that?), I was standing on a hill in Marble Falls, TX with this lovely view of Lake LBJ below me.  We were en route to dinner, but the family was kind enough to humor me for a few minutes and find a spot to let me shoot this scene.  I could tell it was a pretty magical sunset that was coming together, and even without the tripod I thought it would be best to grab a set of brackets.  

So, I did my best to hold my breath and anchor my arms tight to my body long enough for the brackets to fire.  I always prefer to do HDR with a tripod, since I don’t have arms like Arnold - but I’m no Calista Flockhart either.  I can be reasonably steady, assuming I haven’t had too much caffeine or too little sleep.  So, I gunned my brackets, and it worked out, thankfully.  

Brackets that line up - that’s something to be thankful for!