Toronto twirl

I was wandering in the Distillery District in downtown Toronto, Canada one afternoon.  I had a little free time and was trying to grab some pics.  I have been to Toronto many times on business, but this was actually my first time in the downtown area.  All my previous trips over the years had put me in the suburbs – but that was before photography.  It’s funny how my travel habits have changed.  Now I only want to stay in a city, not the ‘burbs.  I’m willing to drive for meetings, but not photos.  :-)

Anyways, it was a rough afternoon from an inspiration standpoint.  Although I like the city quite a bit, I was just not feeling it, photographically speaking.   That happens sometimes.  So although I fired a lot of brackets that afternoon, I only have a few shots that I really like.  My favorite so far is this one of an old truck.  Rusty old trucks are perfect for HDR.

Anyways, I am not really sure how I feel about this shot.  It’s a sculpture that sits at the heart of the Distillery District, and I guess this is part of a still itself (or at least represents one).  I took several shots of it, but when I sort of wedged myself and my camera-upon-tripod underneath it, I thought it was pretty cool.