Staking out Baker Beach

Baker Beach is just awesome.  Let me start with that.  It’s a great place to go shoot the Golden Gate Bridge, if you don’t mind a long walk in unstable sand, while toting a backpack full of camera gear and a tripod.  I didn’t know that in advance, but having now been there and shot at said bridge - I didn’t mind.

I had heard about Baker Beach - and had seen many pics over the years - and knew it was a place that I just needed to go shoot.  So on one of my recent trips to San Francisco, I made it a point to get there and shoot (yes, I am on my 3rd trip there in less than 3 months, but only on this trip did I actually get to go shoot!  Well, unless you count my little 1 hour jaunt to Chinatown with my iPhone)!

How was it, you ask?  It was incredible.

I am, of course, a big fan of shooting bridges, and you would be hard-pressed to find one more famous or shootable than the Golden Gate Bridge (well, maybe the Bay Bridge on the other side of town - it holds a special place in my heart.  Hey, I just realized that San Fran has TWO awesome fair!).  So I set out to capture the GGB in all it’s glory.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans.  Thick fog rolled in and thwarted that plan.  Being the determined type, I shot away like crazy anyways, but my hopes for a stunning sunset here were denied.  I left after about an hour, but not before bagging a huge collection of shots.  So, come back for more some other time!

And go shoot this bridge next time YOU are there!