iPhone fun in Chinatown

Last week was a very busy week for me, and although I spent the entire week in San Francisco, I did not even bring my Nikon.  Nope, just way too busy.  I did catch an hour's break one afternoon though, and decided to take a little iPhone stroll in Chinatown, which was a few short blocks away.

If you have never been to San Francisco, then be sure and put Chinatown on your list for when you do get there.  It's a very interesting place.  Enjoy the tour, and thanks for looking!

This gate sits at the main entrance to Chinatown...

There is a LOT of graffiti to be seen there, if you look in the right places.  Here is some that I found:

There are also quite a few Chinese grocery stores.  They sell lots of interesting food things.

Do some people actually eat starfish?  News to me.

A sign at some store...

In case you haven't noticed...dragons are a big deal here.

And this mural just caught my eye.  I guess Chinatown has been here a while!

Well, that's it for this "iPhone fun" installment!  I have plenty more planned, so keep checking back!

If you ever get to Chinatown, be sure and bring your camera...or at least your iPhone!

Thanks for looking!