The Atomium

The Atomium is an incredibly interesting structure that sits in Brussels, Belgium.  It stands 355 feet tall and was created for the 1958 World’s Fair.  It has 9 stainless steel spheres, each 59 feet in diameter, and they are all connected with tubes, some of which contain escalators that allow you to travel through them.  It’s pretty awesome, actually. 

What the heck is it, you ask?  It is designed to represent a cell of an iron crystal, magnified 165 billion times.  Ah, science - what will you think of next?

It’s a worthwhile tour, though I recommend getting there somewhat early.  I was there fairly early and still had a short wait, but by the time I finished (about 1 hour) it was getting pretty crowded.  Also, it’s a short train ride from downtown, historic Brussels, so be sure and plan accordingly.


And hey - if you haven’t looked yet, this one appears on my list of Top Photo Spots in Brussels, which you can find here.

Here's the view from a distance:

Thanks for stopping by today and having a look!  Hope you enjoyed this tour of The Atomium!