Foggy morning

I love foggy mornings.  It feels moody out there, like the Earth has not quite woken up, and there is usually a greater silence than on clear mornings.  I don’t know why that is - perhaps the fog muffles sound, but it just feels different to me.  I would shoot in fog all the time if I could.  I love it.  One challenge is of course that you can’t really predict it. 

On the morning I shot this up in the Texas hill country, I woke up and just happened to look outside and see the low fog, then I grabbed my gear and ran for this creek!  I knew the fleeting nature of things like fog - in many ways, it’s just like the fleeting nature of light.  If you wait for a few minutes, it will be gone.  So time is always of the essence, if you’re a photographer.  And we are always in a hurry to be in the right spot.  Things can literally change in an instant.  Luckily, this fog hung around (no pun intended) for a while and I was able to grab quite a few different shots.  A good morning, really!