Looking down the road at 2013

Welcome 2013!  What do you have in store for me?

Hi everyone, and thanks for stopping by today.  Last year I set a few goals for myself with my photography, and I was able to achieve them (whew!).  I thought I would do the same for 2013. 

Here are some things I intend to do in the New Year: 

  • Add new lists to my “Top Photo Spots” section
  • Publish a handful of eBooks
  • Write additional long-form blog posts
  • Expand my iPhoneography posts on the site
  • Continue to expand my knowledge of post-processing techniques
  • See new places and photograph them!

That’s really it.  I feel like if I make a long list of goals, it’s a wish-list, not a to-do list...and I want to DO things, not wish for them!  So, Happy New Year, and here’s to doing things in 2013!

p.s. The photo above was taken recently in Nashville, TN.  I got up early one morning to photograph the city while it was quiet (and cold!) and thought the image looking down the street was fitting for today's post.  As always, thanks for looking!