iPhone fun in London

Lovely London as seen through my iPhone!

There is just so much to photograph in London - really, it’s a full time job when you are there to just try and capture what you can.  During my free time on my visits, I am snapping away like crazy on the Nikon, but of course I always find a few moments to break out the iPhone as well.  I just love shooting with my iPhone.

My last trip to London was back in September, and I ended up with lots of photos, of both the Nikon and iPhone variety.  Although I have shared a number of my Nikon shots, I just realized I never did an iPhone post for the trip.  So, let's fix that right away, shall we?  (And guess what?  I am keeping up my with 2013 plan to share more iPhone posts - yay!)

You can read about my favorite iPhone photo apps here, if you are interested in what I use to process these:  http://www.nomadicpursuits.com/top-iphone-photo-apps/

And if you want to see all my shots from London, you can either scroll down under "Categories" on the right side, and click on "London" , or just click this link to go straight there:  http://www.nomadicpursuits.com/blog/category/london

This is the back of Winston Churchill...well, a statue of him, that is.  He's kinda hunch-y.  Look, Big Ben!

The incredible interior of the Natural History Museum - yes, it really is this awesome.  Reminds me of Hogwarts.  Can't you picture those staircases moving around?

You may have seen this thing before...and here it is again!  I think I pushed every slider all the way on this one!  What the hell - it's art!!  I actually shot this from a cab while leaving London.

Straight out of Harry Potter...it's Diagon Alley.  Wait, I mean Leadenhall Market.  What a place!

Some random graffiti...I love me some graffiti.  Good advice, too.  Click.

I love signs, trains, and train stations.  A sign about a train line in a train station?  Gimme some of that!

This was in Baker Street Station, around midnight.  I was headed home from a big photowalk I hosted there.  But, there's always time for one more shot...even when you're sleepy.

I was walking around The Tower of London in broad daylight...this is a side entrance. I didn't see any prisoners. But tourists?  Yeah, I saw a TON of them things.

Well, that's a quick virtual trip across the pond!  Hope you enjoyed these, and thanks for clicking by!  Isn't London just awesome??!