Morning on the Graben

There is nothing quite like wandering a European street early in the morning.  I find all European streets beautiful in some way or another, even when they are crowded.  But when you get up early and have it all to yourself, it's an entirely new type of beauty to me.

Gone are the masses and along with them, the noise.  It's quiet - almost eerily so.  The shops are closed.  The cafes are quiet, not yet ready for all those caffeine-seeking customers to arrive.  It even seems like the wind is still.  In short, it's a perfect time to be standing there, camera on tripod, with just the ritual clicking of brackets firing into the void.  It's awesome.

This one was captured on the Graben, which is one of the most famous streets in Vienna, Austria's historic city center.  And it was just me.  :)