iPhone fun at The Temple Bar

Dublin is incredible - I just returned from there about a week ago, and although I took many shots with my trusty Nikon, I would never miss an opportunity to shoot a little with my iPhone as well!

Temple Bar - in case you haven't heard of it - is both the name of the most famous bar in Dublin, as well as the name of the historic entertainment district that it sits in the middle of.  It's Dublin's "cultural quarter" and has these wonderful cobblestone streets running through it.  

It is also fully populated with bars, restaurants, and therefore drunken tourists - but it's a great place to visit and be sure to bring along the camera!  But if your hotel is in the area (and mine was) then get earplugs.  Lots of noise at 4am makes it hard to sleep!  Thank goodness for Irish Breakfast Tea - very strong!

I had a nice adventure there that included:

* standing behind the bar and pouring some Guinness 

* having the best fish & chips of my life in a hotel owned by Bono of U2

* being approached by a Finnish gentleman and challenged to a "finger wrestling" match (he won, but I had no idea what I was doing!  come on, who knows Finnish?) 

* being mistaken for an Aussie (really?  I'm from Texas - no way do I sound that awesome)

* having a bird swoop down low and poop on my camera

That last bit with the bird I could have done without.  Well, here's the pics - enjoy!