Ha'penny sunset

It was getting late in Dublin, Ireland and I was wandering along the River Liffey with my camera.  That's no surprise, really - is it?  Wandering is good.  Anyways, the River Liffey runs right through the middle of town and has some nice bridges across it.  I was shooting all that, and more.  I like Dublin.  It's a beautiful place.

As sunset began, I could tell it was going to be something special.  You ever get that feeling?  The clouds were in the right spots, the light was just getting magical, and it just felt right.  Then it all came together.

I raced upriver to the Ha'Penny Bridge, firing rapidly the whole time.  I find that when colors, clouds and light all decide to get together like this, it's usually pretty brief so you better fire away while you can!  Thanks for looking!