The British Museum

Keeping with my London theme from yesterday's post, here's another shot from lovely London.  This time it's the British Museum, which is an awesome place.  I wandered in there, purposefully looking to get this shot.  I shot from this spot on my last visit to London, but for several reasons wanted to re-capture it and start I did.  And here it is!

The museum itself is vast and camera-friendly (though no tripods).  I actually had finished shooting from this spot and was back downstairs in the area just below.  I set up my tripod and fired some shots when I saw a museum employee approaching.  I knew it was going to be about the tripod, so thanks to the wonders of auto-bracketing, I finished my shot while she proceeded to tell me that tripods are not allowed.  

If you ever find yourself in London, be sure and enjoy this incredible museum, whether you are there as a tourist or a photographer.  It's a great place to be both!