Skies over Christ Church

Dublin, Ireland is an incredible town.  There's so much history that I was literally stopping at every block to shoot something else.  It's hard to get anywhere, honestly.  This is Christ Church Cathedral which is in historic old Dublin, and frankly it's awesome.  The inside is beautiful, and being a fan of architecture I love the exterior as well.  Lucky for me I stumbled upon this place by accident after leaving the Guinness Brewery.  Draw your own conclusions about visiting a brewery and then a church.  I felt a little bad about that, but I'm not Catholic so only for a minute. 

I went over to Wikipedia to pull up some interesting fact about it, however I am feeling lazy so here's the deal - this place is old.  Older than dirt.  Like the year 1028 or something.  It's real old.  So if you ever get to Dublin, check it out.  If it's lasted this long, chances are good it will still be around when you visit.