Hey, get outta my picture!!

Have you ever set up for a scene and then at the last moment, someone walks into it?  Don't you hate that?!

I was on the Tower Bridge in London, and it was the end of my shooting.  I was tired from a long day of work and sunset was done, blue hour was nearly done, and I was ready to call it quits.  Then as I crossed the Tower Bridge, I had the idea to get a long exposure with a bus passing.  I thought it would be cool. 

The problem though is that I waited and waited for a bus...and nothing.  I was about to pack it up, and then I saw a bus coming.  Yay!  I'm going to get my shot after all, I thought.

So I set up and right before the bus arrived, I hit the shutter.  It was going great, and then this guy decides to step in front of my shot and ruin it.  You @%&*^$!!!

I screamed and cussed out loud but the passing bus drowned it out, so it didn't matter.

So, here's my shot - ruined - but heck I decided to share it anyways.