Sunrise at Trinity College

I love Dublin - it's a great town.  There is so much to photograph and the people are just so nice (and of course, I love the accent).  One morning there, I got up early in order to shoot the sunrise.  I had been wandering for a bit when I came to Trinity College.  I had heard about this from some friends, and wanted to check out their Library which houses The Book of Kells.  Sadly, the library was closed (this was early on a Sunday morning) so instead I continued to wander and shoot.  

At some point I was back at the entrance, and set up for this shot when I saw a security guard of some sort walking my way.  As he approached, I went ahead and started firing my brackets for this one, since I could guess what he was going to say.  He told me they do not allow tripods there on campus, though he couldn't explain why except that it is one of "the rules".  So I delayed him while my brackets finished, and since it was my last shot anyways, I packed up and left.  Besides, I had been on their campus for about an hour already, firing shots left and right.  I didn't tell him that, of course.  :)

Technicals: Nikon D700, 7 exposures, f/13, 14-24 wide angle lens (at 14mm)

Software: Photomatix, Color Efex Pro, Aperture

And while I was at it, I went ahead and created a HDR Before & After comparison for your viewing pleasure (well, ok I did it for fun mostly).  Anyways, thanks for looking!