Ecola to Haystack

One more photo from my recent Oregon trip.  I loved everything about the trip and the spots we chose to photograph, but after 5 straight posts from Oregon, I am a little tired of the subject.

Don't get me wrong - like I said, I loved everything about it - but I tend to crave change here on the blog and I need to mix it up a little.  Besides, I can only say "this place is awesome" so many times.  It starts to sound a bit hollow, you know? 

I do have many, many more shots from Oregon to share, but I will just sprinkle them in here and there.  Change is good.  Variety is the spice of life.  It keeps me feeling energized.  Is anyone else like that?

So about the shot - this is the view from Ecola State Park, looking down the coast towards Cannon Beach.  You can even see Haystack Rock (the one in my last post) way off in the distance.  Just another beautiful spot along the Oregon coast...this place is awesome.  :)