Wispy Multnomah

Ok everyone, hope you are enjoying the Oregon posts so far this week - I sure am enjoying reliving these moments.  I love that about photography - it really takes me back and I feel like I am there all over again.


Today, I am moving onto a waterfall (and no, there is not really an order to the shots I am sharing this week).  But this isn't just any waterfall, it's Multnomah Falls!  If you aren't familiar with Multnomah Falls, just know that it is the tallest waterfall in the state at a total height of 620 feet (though it is split into 2 sections).

I had seen this waterfall years ago when I was in Portland, and knew it was at the top of my list of shots I wanted when I visited recently.  The thing is that at 620 feet it's pretty hard to get the whole thing in a shot, not to mention that the area is incredibly crowded most of the time.

So, I did the sensible thing and walked up to the mid-way point and out onto the footbridge.  I set up my tripod and leaned against the stone railing, in hopes of avoiding getting bumped by all the tourists.  I got bumped anyways. :)

But, I also got quite a few shots of the upper falls, from various angles.  I wanted to start with this one, just because I like it!