Golden hour in Portland

I love to shoot skylines, and doubly so when I can get some water in front of it to catch some cool reflections. This is the Portland skyline right around golden hour.  If you saw my last post, you know that we started our photo expedition at the Japanese Gardens, and then we had some time before the light got interesting, so we went and found a pub near the river.  That's always fun.

By the way, when I say "we", I am referring to the folks on the trip which I neglected to mention yesterday. They were myself and Dave Wilson from Austin, Justin Balog from Denver, Scott Wood from Olympia and Jacob Lucas from Seattle.  On the evening we shot this spot, we also were joined by local photog and all-around awesome dude Brian Matiash.  Being a local, he gave us a tour around this area for the best views.  It was a hell of a night.

The exact spot we shot this from is called the Eastbank Esplanade.  It's a great view, as you can see.  We shot here for quite a while, then went on a fruitless search for donuts.  Excellent.