Maison des Brasseurs

I just want to quickly thank those of you that have visited and commented on my shots this week.  Due to work travel followed by a family vacation, I am way behind in returning the favors.  So thank you and I will be catching up soon!   

Brussels, Belgium is an incredibly beautiful city.  It seemed like I was stopping every 10 feet, photographing one thing after another.  When you get deeper into photography, it just starts to happen.  You see things you never noticed before, and you shoot things that you never would have paid attention to in the past.  Then when you get dropped into a place like Brussels, it's hard to get anything done because there is a photographic temptation at every turn!

This is a portion of one of the architecturally stunning guild houses that encircle Grand Place, which is Brussels' historic town square.  This was formerly home to the Brewer's Guild - see, there's another temptation about Brussels - all the great beer!

Technicals: Nikon D700, 7 exposures, f/13, 28-300mm zoom lens (at 105mm)

Software: Photomatix, Color Efex Pro, Aperture