Strolling on the Graben

I have a lot of photos to work on from Vienna, and just recently realized that I have only shared one thus far - so time for that to change!  I got up early on my only morning there - partly because I had a plane to catch, and partly because there were a few spots I wanted to shoot.  Since my hotel was inside the Ringstrasse, it put me in close proximity to those spots, and I got up early to grab my brackets.  The Graben is one of the most famous streets in central Vienna, and there are some great shots to be had here, especially when the rest of the town is asleep. This is one of them - just a simple shot down the street, admiring the mix of old and new.  I love empty European streets.  Love them.

Technicals: Nikon D700, 14-24 wide angle lens (at 24mm), 7 exposures at f/13

Software: Photomatix to create the HDR, then filters applied in Color Efex Pro, and minor corrections in Aperture

I have also been doing some HDR "before & after" comparisons, and thought I would share what this photo would look like straight out of camera, at a 0 exposure.  Let me know if this is the kind of stuff you enjoy seeing!  I plan to share more of these.  I find it interesting - hope you do!