Rounding the bend

It is hard to beat shooting at sunset, right after the sun has dipped below the horizon.  The light is just right, the colors are spectacular, and everything has a soft glow.  It's a fabulous time of day to shoot.

I actually shot this about 3 years ago from the lookout over the Loop 360 Bridge in Austin.  I had processed it several different ways, but never liked it so it just sat in my library.  I ran across it, tried a few things and here it is.  That's why I recommend that you never delete old photos - unless of course they are blurry or something.  Your vision matures and your processing improves, and someday you might decide you can do something with a photo you previously overlooked!

Technicals: Nikon D40x, single exposure, f/22, 18mm

Software: Color Efex Pro, Aperture