Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin


I love going to churches in Europe - with my camera, that is.  I actually never go to the services, but boy do I pay my respects when I am there.  These massive structures are architectural masterpieces, beautiful inside and out.  It sure is fun to shoot there, with the distant hollow sound of my brackets firing, echoing around inside these chambers.

I found Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland almost by accident.  I had been at the Guinness Brewery taking their tour, and shooting away, and as I was walking back I came across this place.  Despite the fact that it was a Sunday, it wasn't very crowded, so I got to enjoy this almost all to myself.  It was awesome.  Where else can you enjoy a fine beer, then go to church and redeem yourself?  ;)

Also, I just created and added a Top Photo Spots in Dublin list to my sidebar on the left.  You can find it there or click here to see it - and this place is definitely on it! Thanks!