Gefion Fountain

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I love shooting waterfalls and fountains - something about them just appeals to me.  I guess it's the running water.  Yeah, that's it.  Running water is nice.  Who doesn't like that sound?  A little trickle of something small, or the roar of a large one?  Even fountains have a nice sound to them, with the spray splashing about like a kid in the summer.  Good stuff.

This is Gefion Fountain, situated next to St. Alban's Anglican Church on the harborfront in Copenhagen, Denmark.  It's fairly large and an awesome sight to see, with all the jet sprays leaping this way and that.  Considering it was a lovely afternoon, there were folks everywhere and it was impossible to get a shot without anyone in it, but I found this angle, which caught the spray and minimized the human traffic around this touristy spot.  Good fun!