The sentinel of Loch Ard

Some thoughts on why I don't normally post black and white photos...

I have 2 confessions to make, and this might be a little embarrassing.  But, here they go...  

1) I never think in black and white when shooting.  

2) I usually just convert a photo to black and white when I find that the color version sucks.

In other words, black and white is not a core part of my photo-thinking, and is mostly a poor attempt on my part to save a photo from the wastebin.  I like black and white photos - and many of them I LOVE - but I never think in black and white.  I am a big color guy at heart.  Always have been - probably always will be.

Daily Photo: The sentinel of Loch Ard (roaming in the Trossachs)

It's hard to confess those two things, because it's sorta like admitting that I lack vision.  A black and white photo can be incredible, timeless and ageless, and full of just as much life (or more) than a color photo.  Many of the most famous photos ever taken are black and white (see Ansel Adams), and I love them.  But I just don't think that way.  It doesn't come to me naturally.  So, there you have it, one of my shortcomings as a photographer.

But sometimes I do try it, and it works out (the converting to black and white that is, not the thinking in black and white).  I was driving on the edge of Loch Ard in the incredibly scenic area known as Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park (in Scotland).  I saw this scene, dumped the rental car on the wrong side of the road (you know how hard it is for an American to drive over there?) and stood there in the howling wind, thinking about how awesome this shot was going to be, in all its full color glory.  :)  Oh well, I'll take a black and white this time and just shut up about it.  Thanks for listening - and looking!