The Royal Galleries of Saint Hubert

I hate shopping.  There, I said it.  Shopping stinks, unless I am at a camera store, in which case it's great.   Walking around in a shopping mall just sucks the life out of me.  (Ok, mini-rant over.)

However - I do make exceptions.  Take for example, The Royal Galleries of Saint Hubert in Brussels, Belgium.  I'll go here anytime!  Of course, I'm not there to shop - I'm there to fire brackets like a mad man.

Before I went to Brussels, I dug into the Stuck on Earth app (which is awesome BTW - and free!) to investigate spots I might want to "inspect a little closer".  This one came up, and since it was right around the corner from Grand Place (their incredible town square), I figured I might as well take a look.  It also happens to be a nice lead-in to the Rue de Bouchers, which I will get to another time, on another post.

Built in the mid-1800's in an Italian style and with a beautiful glass roof, the Galleries are occupied by high-end boutiques and cafes, and it's actually an excellent place to spend some time - though I can't comment on the shopping, since I didn't do any.  :)