Red earth

The family is busy gearing up for a holiday over in Santa Fe, NM real soon.  We are pretty excited to get back to that lovely town.  Despite it's fairly small size, there is a whole lot to see and do there, and thankfully we have seen and done a lot of it before.  I am thankful because that means we get to relax quite a bit, and not hurry around trying to get to everything.  It also means we have already "test-driven" the various sites and have our favorites picked out for a return visit.  We'll be there for around a week, which will be our longest visit there to date.  Should be awesome.  Oh yeah, and I'm bringing the camera.  :)

I shot this on our visit there last summer.  We were out at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, which is where Georgia O'Keeffe spent so much of her time, painting and documenting the beauty of the landscape. It's a special place - you can tell when you get there.  It's about a 45 minute drive outside of Santa Fe.  I'm not totally sure I will make it there this year, but if I do you can bet I will return with a photo or two!