iPhone fun in Santa Fe

Day 5 of Santa Fe week: iPhone fun in Santa Fe!

I haven't done an iPhone post in 3 weeks, so I figured it was about time for one again.  Plus, I have ~300 iPhone photos just from Santa Fe, so I figured that I better get busy!

I've enjoyed doing just Santa Fe shots this week - it's been a fun little experiment, so maybe I will do that again sometime.  Thanks everyone for the visits, comments, Likes, Shares and all that good stuff.  I appreciate it very much, indeed!

So, in no particular order, here it goes...some iPhone fun from Santa Fe!

The Chama River...this is out near Abiquiu, NM sort of near Ghost Ranch.  The landscapes are just fascinating.

A shot from the Ghost Ranch...just love the landscapes out there!  You.  Must.  Go.  

Me, atop the mesa at Tent Rocks...that place was incredible! (hey Jim, don't forget to remove the lens cap before you start shooting, haha)

This was a scene out near the Christ in the Desert Cathedral, which I still need to share some photos from...

A scene from atop Museum Hill, where you can find - you guessed it! - a bunch of museums.  Worth a visit, though.

This is San Miguel Mission, which is the oldest church in the USA...really.  I'm not making that up.

Just some cool tiles on a building in The Plaza (town square)...

I caught this one at Tent Rocks, as I was approaching the slot canyons there...amazing place!

I saw this beautiful gate on a side street, just off Canyon Road.  I had to detour momentarily, just to look at it (well, ok - and to shoot it!).

St. Francis Cathedral, which is just one block from the Plaza...definitely a must see!

A little waterfall I found while hiking up the mountain at the Santa Fe Ski Basin...

And finally - me standing on the edge of the mountain, after making my way up it about as far as I could.  Such an amazing view from up there!!

Ok everyone - thanks for stopping by, and hope you enjoyed this iPhone tour of my Santa Fe visit, and all the Santa Fe shots this week.  Have a great day!