The Embudo Gas Museum

Day 4 of Santa Fe week: The Embudo Gas Museum

Driving north from Santa Fe on Route 68 (no, not Route 66, that's elsewhere, but nearby, sorta) you encounter this little town of Embudo.  It hugs the Rio Grande River and the whole area is very pretty.  Just be sure and keep your eyes ready for this awesome stop: The Embudo Gas Museum!

This place is incredible, and is like an HDR heaven for all your HDRtists out there!  Get your brackets fired up!  I spent a couple of hours here, getting a nice tour from Johnnie, the friendly gent who owns the place.  He has an incredible and amazing collection of so much antique gas memorabilia from all over: gas pumps, gas signs, neon, old cars...the list goes on and the brackets just keep firing.

This trio of old pumps sits out front and though it was really windy and the sky was boring, I never get tired of shooting stuff like this!

This is a closeup of the entrance to the museum itself.  Inside is like candyland for HDR shooters.  I spent a good while in there, firing shots with reckless abandon!

Thank you for stopping by today!