What's the expression..."ignorance is bliss"?  I love that expression, and it's so true.  Sometimes you learn things, only to wish you never really had.  It's one of the challenges of being an adult.  I envy children for their ability to be care-free spirits, chasing their hearts and dreams and really living in the moment.  I aspire to be more like that - oblivious to consequences and concerns.  Of course I don't mean this in a "let's be reckless" sort of way - just in the straightforward manner of a child, living their life and not thinking beyond the moment.  It's the carpe diem mentality, and I love it.  I just wish I could do more of it.

Ok, back to reality.  I was on the massive Thomas Hawk photowalk in Austin last year.  It was a great experience - meeting Thomas, whom I respect immensely - as well as going on a photowalk with literally 100 or more folks.  It's a great experience.  Humbling, interesting, crazy - but a great experience.

That leads me to this shot.  I was oblivious to the shots all the other photogs were taking.  They may have been oblivious to what I was shooting.  This runner was definitely oblivious to me and all the other photogs that were on this bridge, shooting this and that.  He was in the zone, in his moment, doing his workout and focused on his goals.  He was oblivious - and that's a good thing.