Dining in Grand Place

As I have said here before, Grand Place in Brussels is the most beautiful town square I have ever seen, and possibly the most beautiful one in the world.  It's incredible.  The architecture is amazing and there is just such an elegant but relaxed feel to it.  It just feels good to be there.  Does that make any sense at all?  :)

I could easily spend a day just hanging out there and taking a lot of photos.  As it turns out, that is sort of what I did, though I didn't stay in Grand Place the whole time.  I would snap some shots, wander some side streets, come back and snap a few more, then turn down another side street for a while, and then find myself back in Grand Place again a while later.  It's that kind of place - it just draws you back every time.

This scene just caught my eye on one of those wanderings.  I like the hand-written chalk signs, and the stonework, and the architecture, and the colors, and.....well, you get the idea.