The ghosts of Grand Place

I just can't help myself - I keeping posting shots from my recent trip through Europe.  I enjoyed it so much and took so many photos (over 3500!), that I'm afraid you will continue to see a bunch here.  But, I will probably mix it up a little just to keep you interested!  :)

This is another shot from the most beautiful and majestic town square in the entire world - Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium.  As I have said before, it really is just an incredible spot.  This shot gives you a nice look at the amazing architecture.  Honestly, it's a difficult place to shoot because it is large and square, so that doesn't really translate to good shots that give you a feel for the size and grandeur.  It's best to just isolate a piece of it.

In this case, I was just firing brackets one afternoon towards the Town Hall building (the one rising out of frame on the left), having found some steps to climb up to get a little better view.  That gentleman there in the red shirt just stopped in front of me, while of course all the rest of the crowd continued to move.  I liked the look with all the ghosting, with the one guy just taking it all in...