Blue hour at Nyhavn

Ok, it's back to Copenhagen!  I just love that town.  It has such a great feel to it - calm, confident, urban yet historical - and of course there is so much to shoot.  It's incredible.  And, the people are all beautiful - young, old, female, male - all of 'em.  Anyways, back to the photo.  This is another shot from Nyhavn, which is certainly one of the most-photographed spots in this awesome town.  But hey just look at it - who wouldn't want to shoot this place??

I grabbed this one on my first night there, just as I was leaving the area and heading back to my hotel.  This is one of those cases where it pays to turn around and look back.  I did so, and noticed a little dock that was down a few steps.  So I popped over there real quick and fired a few shots!