My iPhone likes my Nikon, but someday it might want to kill it

The iPhone keeps advancing...

Do you ever get the sense that your iPhone wants to be a DSLR when it grows up? (What, you aren't shooting with your iPhone...why not?)  I love shooting with my iPhone - for a lot of reasons - but of course my first love is my Nikon D700.  But the iPhone sure does a good job, and I often shoot the same scene with it as I am shooting with my Nikon.  It's quick, you get instant feedback, it's easy to share, and with all the great apps it gives you a veritable preview of what your future DSLR output could be.  It's not even close to being a replacement for my Nikon at this time, but it's great in a pinch and has totally replaced the old P&S for me.

Do you think the iPhone will ever be "good enough" for serious photography?

The way technology is advancing it would not surprise me to see more granular control over the camera in future iPhone models, as well as a better camera (though I must admit the iPhone 4S has a pretty sweet camera).  I have even seen lens attachments you can buy for the iPhone, though I haven't tried any yet (have you?).  The iPhone could use a much cleaner digital zoom (or how about someone figure out how to build a real zoom into it), and the noise in low light is pretty bad.  I sometimes have to remind myself though that this is a phone, and the whole photography piece of it is basically a free P&S bolted onto my phone, without any added bulk.  I call that a win.  Frankly, it's better than a lot of P&S cameras anyways, and it's always with me!  

If you consider the mirrorless cameras today, they are really starting to encroach on the DSLR territory, and they seem to have come out of nowhere, and fast.  The iPhone is surely not too far behind.  The trick may be getting all the stuff crammed into the phone's form factor.  Chips get smaller and more advanced, right?  So do the other electronic parts, I assume.  Doesn't it just feel like it will only continue to improve?  

It's such a great time to be a photographer - so many tools (hardware and software) and endless options for achieving your final desired result with a photograph - I love it!

But I digress...

Hey Jim, you went off on a tangent, and I came here to look at some photos!

This post wasn't really supposed to be about all that, though I do think that is an interesting topic of discussion.  Nope, today's post is another round of iPhone shots from the road.  I have been in the habit of sharing my end of the week "iPhone fun in...(name a city)" posts and came this close to posting another one today.  But, I think I will post that next week.  I think.  It's hard to plan that far in advance, and the winds of change blow through my brain quite often.  

It was going to be Malmo, Sweden this time - I almost forgot that I went there, if you can believe that (and yes that sounds as strange to me as it may to you!) - but instead I opted for some iPhone shots taken of my Nikon, which in turn is taking shots of something else...somewhere.  So here it goes....and hope you enjoy these "behind the scenes" shots, or rather "behind the Nikon".

Nyhavn: Copenhagen, Denmark (sunset)...  this place just stole my heart and won't give it back!

Nyhavn: Copenhagen, Denmark (sunrise)...  it's great there any time of day!

A church in Fredericksburg, TX... (and it looks slightly crooked to me, sorry about that - and it's grainy because of the low light, which is something the iPhone cannot yet handle too well)

Museum of Modern Art: Ft. Worth, TX (and yes, this one is really crooked, isn't it? - geez, I'm sloppy)...but for the record, I was distracted by the shallow pool of water which gave my HDR shots some sweet reflections!

Town Square: Bratislava, Slovakia... (more crookedness it seems - I'm beginning to think my head isn't on straight! can't they put a level in my iPhone?!  that would actually be a really cool feature)

Aiming at NYNY in Las Vegas, NV...  and considering this was Las Vegas, can you believe I had this spot all to myself?  then again, it was morning and the town was asleep - they're smarter than me, but I got the shot!

Milarrochy Bay, Loch Lomond, Scotland... (and yes, I loved that tree!!) - still have a million shots to process from Loch Lomond, which is an incredible place!

Bratislava Castle: Bratislava, Slovakia... my most recent adventure, and another great place to shoot!

Across the Danube River: Bratislava, Slovakia...  yes that's the Danube - not sure why it's called the blue Danube, looks like tea to me!  :)

Alrighty then folks, thanks for swinging by on your surfing expedition, and glad you stopped in for a few!  Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you like this behind the scenes kinda stuff!  Thanks!