Walking the canal

I enjoyed my visit to Amsterdam, though it was pretty brief.  I would like to go back when I have a bit more time, because there really is a lot to see and shoot there.  One evening I was back at the hotel and decided that since darkness was near, I had better step out for a few minutes and grab some shots.  I left the tripod in the room and just went handheld since I only had a few minutes.  The nice thing about Amsterdam is that the canals are literally everywhere, so you can barely turn around without seeing one.  I love that.  This scene caught my eye because of the lights twinkling in the water.  I grabbed some quick brackets and kept walking.

I went a little moody on the processing here, because that's how I remember the scene.  It was on the edge of darkness - not light, but not dark - and it was quiet since this was a small canal off of a small side street.  But then I walked a couple of blocks, and found all the partiers. ;)