Wharf Cat

I grabbed this shot right before we boarded a boat from Port Aransas, TX over to St. Joseph Island.  The island is uninhabited, and there is only one boat over.  We got there early to make sure we could get a spot, because the beach is great for gathering shells, and we wanted to get some!  We were lucky and found lots of sand dollars, plus we had a great time hanging on the beach.  I hope everyone in the U.S. has enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend - and thank a soldier for their service if you see one!

Here's one other shot I took at St. Joseph Island - I was standing in the water, shooting this and that as I walked along.  This was aimed back at the sand dunes because I just loved the deep blue color of the sky!

Memorial Day weekend always feels like it's the start of the summer, and thinking about the summertime always makes me think of the beach - so thought I would share a couple from the Texas coast!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!