Nyhavn afternoon

Nyhavn is just the most beautiful spot in Copenhagen, according to me.  :)  I loved it there.  On my first full day there, I got up and spent the entire day wandering all across the town, shooting all sorts of things that were on my list of "must see" spots.  I always create a list, just to make sure I don't miss anything.  It keeps me organized, and sane.

I had been out for hours and at some point found myself near Nyhavn (which I had shot at sunset the previous night!), and just had to come by and see it again.  I think I made 3 trips through Nyhavn during my stay in Copenhagen, so I have a lot of shots from here, taken at different times of day and differing viewpoints.  I like doing that when I find a place I love, so that way I feel like I didn't miss anything!