Amsterdam impressions

I really enjoyed Amsterdam, though it was a pretty quick stop for me.  I think I was there about 48 hours total.  Not nearly enough to really experience it, but enough to make a decision on whether it's a place that I like.  Verdict: I like it!  It had been over 10 years since my last visit, so my memory was getting a little thin. 

There really is a lot to enjoy there, and I am not referring to the stuff it is known for.  Sure some folks go there to party, but outside of the well-known and crowded areas there are some beautiful canals, quiet streets, and people going on about their lives.  In other words, it's like any other place.  Get away from the crowds, explore a little, go down some alleys, and you will get a richer experience.

Having said all that, this photo is actually from a well-known and crowded area of Amsterdam - the floating flower market.  It is probably one of the best-known areas of Amsterdam.  All these houseboats are tied up (that is the backs of the houseboats you see on the right of the canal), and they face a pedestrian street, with open fronts that sell all sorts of flowers and bulbs.  It's very busy, but interesting and as you can imagine it attracts folks from all walks of life.  Be sure and bring your camera!