The Italian wine bar at EPCOT

Oh, EPCOT.  I do enjoy this place.  In fact it came up today in a conversation with some friends.  By the way, hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  We had a great day today with family and friends - had some good food, ate some candy, hid some eggs, ate some more candy, watched a little Masters golf (great finish) and might have had a little more candy when no one else was looking.  But let's keep that quiet, shall we?

Ok, back to EPCOT.  It's quite a place, whether you bring a camera or not (but of course you should).  I love all the different snippets of culture that they have recreated there - it gives you sort of a mini-whirlwind tour of some great spots.  Which reminds me that I am getting ready for a whirlwind tours of sorts as well, real soon. More on that later.  You'll have to come back to read about it - and see the photos of course!

Hope you enjoy the photo, and thanks for stopping by!