Ferry Building impressions

I love the Ferry Building and tend to shoot it from this same spot on nearly every trip I make to San Francisco.  It's just a beautiful scene in my opinion.  Consequently, I have a lot of shots that look pretty similar though.  But that's ok, because even though I shoot the same scene twice, in reality it never looks the same due to weather and lighting changes.

In this case, it was pretty dark already and this scene tends to sparkle a little more when there is more available light, at least in my opinion.  This is an HDR image and when I finished creating the HDR, the overall scene was somewhat "blah".  I briefly messed around with it and tried a few other things, but decided it was not going to make an impact.  But then I had an idea: how about changing it up and treating this more like an Impressionistic version or a watercolor-type of painting?  

So I popped over to Topaz Adjust and went to work. And you know what?  Topaz Adjust saved the image for me!  Thanks Topaz!