Early Sunday at The Temple Bar

Did you see my last post about the Topaz software give away?  Ok, good - just checkin'...  

I love shooting early on Sunday mornings when I travel.  All the tourists are asleep, and I have all the great spots to myself.  I did just that on the morning I took this shot in Dublin, Ireland, when I wandered over to the Temple Bar district.  I had enjoyed dinner nearby on the previous evening, and even though I took shots then they were all crowded with folks (it was a Saturday night, after all).  But I knew my salvation lie in the fact that I was going to be the first one to see it the next morning, and I was rewarded for my early awakening with an incredible, empty scene which I thoroughly enjoyed (and thoroughly photographed!).  

And yes, this is very similar to the shot that is on my website header.  It was only about a minute after that one, so that explains that!  In this case though, I opted to scoot in a little so I could capture some of the streets heading off in both directions.  Ah, the satisfaction of my Nikkor 14-24 wide angle lens!!