Selling art in Grand Place

Saturday was great - we participated in the Great Urban Race. If you aren't familiar with it, it is a combo adventure race/scavenger hunt that is hosted in various cities. You are given a list of clues which you have to solve. Solving them leads you to various spots around town, where you have to complete a challenge. It was awesome! Here are a few things I did: ran A LOT, ate a worm, held a ferret, made a s'more (and ate it!), shot a paintball gun at a target (2 for 2, perfect!) and even took a pie in the face. It was awesome! Well, except for eating a worm. That was pretty gross, and I even had to dry-swallow it. Blech! Anyways, we completed the course in about 2.5 hours and actually came in 12th place! Not bad out of 60-70 teams! We even qualified for the National Championship - sweet!

Daily Photo: Selling art in Grand Place

Ok, I doubt you came here to read about my weekend activities, but it was so fun I just had to share. On to the photo then - another shot from my recent trip to Brussels, Belgium!

Grand Place is the historical town square in Brussels, and without a doubt is the most beautiful town square I have ever seen, and maybe the most beautiful in the world. That's the good news. The bad news is that due to its popularity, it is always crowded. I have a ton of shots from Grand Place but there are always tourists in them, which is ok. Even I couldn't get up early enough to beat the crowds.

One thing you find in Grand Place is some art stands. Folks set up there and sell their wares, whether it be art or in some cases flowers. It's all pretty awesome and it's a wonderful place to pass the time.

And here is a quick snap I took there one afternoon as I was passing through Grand Place. It gives you a good idea about the size of the square, and of course you get a sense of the architectural grandeur which really defines Grand Place. Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!