Glasgow City Chambers

Big trip update: lots of new photos coming from new places!!

I have some serious processing time ahead of me.  Some of you may know that I have been out of the country for the last 10 days.  It was all work-related, but after hours I was able to get out and shoot quite a bit in the 3 European cities that I visited: Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Brussels.  Oops, make that 4 cities.  I popped over to Malmo, Sweden too.  Hehe, almost forgot.  Oh yeah, I also had a layover in Madrid, and shot like crazy in that airport, which I that's almost like 5 cities.  The list keeps getting longer.  

Anyways, I'll get to all those when I can....and the sooner the better.  I'm excited about them.  :)  If you count my iPhone (which I do!) I have something like 3500 shots to work stay tuned for some photo-goodness coming from these spots soon!

As a result of my travels, I was not online very much (except to post my photos) and the internet speeds in my various hotels was incredibly slow, so I have not been able to visit the blogs of those who visit mine.  So thank you for the visits and comments and I am trying to catch up with everyone's wonderful work!

Daily photo: Glasgow City Chambers, Glasgow, Scotland

In the meantime, I have this shot I took in Glasgow on my last trip there, and just loved the scene and the incredible blue hour that unfolded before me.  That's a lesson too - never leave the scene until you absolutely know that all the good light is done.  In this case, it was dreary and foggy the whole day, so I didn't expect much.  But then blue hour rolled around...