Before the first ferry

I want to thank everyone for their visits and comments this week.  I am traveling and have not been online much, so it is nice to see that folks are stopping by to view my daily shots.  Thank you for that!

Secondly, due to my extensive travels this week, I have a HUGE amount of new photos to process and share so you will be seeing those arrive here starting sometime next week.

Lastly, though I have been doing an iPhone photo post at the end of the week recently, today I am not doing that.  But, I have several hundred new iPhone shots to share too!  More soon!

This was a sunrise in San Francisco, CA that I captured one morning while wandering around behind the Ferry Building there.  It's a great spot, and I was happy to find it empty at this early hour (go figure - the smart folks are still sleeping!) and enjoyed the colors in the scene.  Plus, I just love the Bay Bridge which you can see in the distance - I am always shooting that thing!